I did the 75k event on the weekend.  

You have to be commended for organising the weather the way you did.  Simply awesome.

This was my first organised gravel ride and, after 35 years on the bitumen, only my 3rd or 4th ride on gravel.  The tracks chosen were excellent, a bit of rougher stuff to make it interesting but not overly uncomfortable on a gravel bike.

The support along the route and at Nelligan was exceptional.  I’ve attended a lot of other road events none of which were supported as well as this event.  Loved the music at either end as well.  Not sure I should have had that donut though…

I’ll be back for more next year.  Would love to join you at Gundy but unfortunately I’ll be sitting in the beach in Fiji instead.

Good work!

Simon, Mogo
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