Hol Harris

Area you live

Armidale NSW

How long have you been riding

Since I was 16 or 17. So a long time now! 

Favourite ride of all time and why

Riding in Europe has been an absolute highlight for me, in particular Finale Ligure! The most incredible climbs and insane trails that finish down in the old town. Such a beautiful place.. also pizza and gelato. Need I say more?

Favourite topic of conversation

At the moment Breweries, I currently manage a Craft Beer and Brewery Bar in Armidale, so Beer and Breweries is high on my conversation list. Honestly though, I can talk with the best of them so I will have a crack any style of yarn.

Social media link    

Holly Harris

Anything else …  

Love the gravel events popping up all around NSW! Can't wait to see more!

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