Jim Robertson

Area you live

Bracken Ridge, Queensland

How long have you been riding

Since a wee lad... raced BMX from about 12 to 15 years of age... always had a love for bikes lying around the family shed (dads or Bro's) was there in the early days of MTB... did a little DH when in the UK but mainly just shredding local trails... nowadays my go to everyday for everyride is my gravel bike, damn these things are so versatile and a great utilitarian work horse... never the cleanest bike but I didn't buy it to clean it. 

Favourite ride of all time and why

500k of the VIC Divide would definitely be up there.... but to be honest it would be those rides where I have been fortunate to share the love of the bicycle with others... Teaching my young ones to ride their bikes is something only a dad can really appreciate but to add to this would be the ride group I created back in Bungendore, The Bungendore Beer Ride, aka BBRAG was about creating a social scene for anyone willing to get on a bike, and yes, we shared a post ride beverage of choice... the ride goes on, every Thursday at 6.30pm where locals enjoy each other's company whilst navigating the set Strava route.

Favourite topic of conversation

Australia, I just love hearing others stories and experiences of this awesome vast diverse Country..... I'm a POM who wanted the very best for his Family and we are all honoured to now be an Australian citizen.

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Anything else … 

Yea, I'm now loving life as a bike commuter. No more second car for work purposes.... 25k each way route through this awesome cycling infrastructure that QLD offers so well.

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